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Some Call Him Naughty…

HorseThe best time of year to sit back and have some fun is when the baby horses are out in the pastures.  You could burn hours having a blast just watching the colts and fillies playing with each other, the mamas and anything that moves in the tall grasses.

This is what inspired me to do this drawing. Some called him naughty, ‘cuz he wouldn’t leave everyone alone, but I think he is rather cute!


Who Invited the Neighbor?

Who Invited the Neighbor 1
My newest release – which I am very pleased with, is titled “Who Invited the Neighbor?”

Initially when I began this drawing of the three horses, I was more interested in tackling the water caught in the middle of the grassy pasture. But as I moved the horses around, it started to come up with a story all on its own.


And, as I know I have experienced before, everyone has that one neighbor who invites himself over for the BBQ and drinks. And no matter how polite you start – no matter how rude you become… the neighbor never gets the hint that its time to leave.

Hope your Labor Day weekend is filled with invited guests only!

Finished drawing is 18×25. Come check it out in person next weekend at the Septemberfest Museum Art Show in Midland, TX. For more info … visit my website, or check out the link for the Museum Show.

Work in Progress

Here are a few photos of my work in progress on “Eating on the Run”.

This drawing was started in September and completed late October. As you can see, everything starts with the face, especially getting the eyes correct. Sometimes, as with this drawing, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with the background.  With this particular drawing, it sort of developed all on its own. I think the background on this really enhances the movement of the horse.

The finished drawing is 16 x 20, and is framed in a wonderful western-style frame with triple matting.

Looking Back

“Looking Back” is a little sketch I did recently while at the Morro Bay Arts Festival this past 4th of July.  Horses are so lovely with all of their own personalities and quirks.  That’s what made me want to draw this picture.  Hope you like it!

Looking Back
Looking Back

By the way, if you are in the area this upcoming Labor Day weekend, Morro Bay is having another Arts in the Park Festival. The weather should be fantastic!!! Come by and check it out, its free and fun.

Around the Water Cooler

Around the Water Cooler
Around the Water Cooler

I really liked how this turned out.  It was still spring, and the grass hadn’t yet turned golden out. The horses were gathered to drink water, with one curious horse looking around.