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Seasoned Hand

Seasoned Hand

Cowboys – steady, quietly confident and honest.

I love these qualities in a Cowboy. When I started this drawing, those qualities came to mind. Whether this Cowboy is silently waiting to move the herd, or counting down the last cow before suppertime, I think the “Seasoned Hand” epitomizes the Cowboy Way of Life.

This drawing is 12 x 16, drawn with Graphite Pencil on Bristol Board Paper. This particular drawing took on average, about 65 hours to complete.

To view this drawing – and all my drawings – check out my website: Geri Dunn, Western Graphite Artwork


Where do I get the ideas to my next drawing?

The lovely ladies of the Alisal Guest Ranch
The lovely ladies of the Alisal Guest Ranch

There are times when I am driving in the country and see a really incredible view. It might be a stream, running crooked around a few oak trees, or perhaps it’s a couple of horses grazing in the rolling green hills.
During these times, it helps get my creative juices flowing. The drawing that comes out may evoke a sense of loneliness, or maybe a calming influence that comes from driving through the rolling hills I once called my home.
Ladies of the Alisal is one of my favorite drawings, in that it reminds me of the rolling hills from my hometown.
For those who have not experienced the Alisal guest ranch, it is a wonderful ranch with a rich cattle breeding history. Nowadays, they offer visitors to come an stay on their ranch, and take part in Horseback rides, Mountain Biking rides and much more. The Alisal guest ranch is a fun and beautiful getaway, and I am sure you will fall in love with the area before the end of your visit!!!