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Hummingbirds in the Garden

Black-Chinned HummerSometimes there are wonderful stories behind a drawing, and this was one of those drawings.

Early this spring, 2014, we had the most amazing hummingbird grace our backyard. Our backyard is blessed (and cursed) with amazingly beautiful trumpet flowers. They range in color from yellow to red and all of the colors in between.

The cardinals seem to love the flowers when they turn red. The bees seem to love the flowers as soon as they sprout. And the hummingbirds seem to love them throughout the spring and into the beginning of summer.

While I’m accustomed to see the hummingbirds with the green backs, this one hummingbird kept appearing and was quite different in appearance. Only after discussing this with an avid hummingbird aficionado did I realize that we were looking at a Native Texan.

Below is the difference…

Black Chinned Hummer
Black Chinned Hummer
Green Hummer
Green Hummer

Who Dat?

Angus cows…

Who Dat FinalAs a graphite pencil artist, there is nothing exciting about black Angus cattle. So to make it look like something more than just a black blob is quite difficult.

I think I succeeded in bringing character and life to this little guy.

It’s Not Too Late to Get the PERFECT Gift for Christmas!

With December quickly approaching comes the hectic frenzy of trying to figure out what to get your loved one for Christmas.  Not to worry – this year, why not get them the PERFECT gift they will always remember and treasure?

It’s not to late to get in touch with me and arrange for a commissioned drawing of a favorite pet! Below are a few samples of completed commissions. They come in three sizes – 8×10, 11×14 and 12×16. Framed or unframed. I can make your pet leap off the paper and come to life!


Give me a shout for more information, including prices and timelines. Hope to hear from you!


Geri Dunn      ph# 972-695-9592          email: geridunn@aol.com

American Bison

 “Call of the Wild” Graphite Drawing by Geri Dunn
Call of the Wild

The American Bison is a symbol of our culture, when the West was once wild and untamed, and these magnificent beasts would spend the warm hours of the day resting, chewing its cud or wallowing in dirt.

Females and young males may live in groups of up to 20 bison. Males also can live in groups of up to 20 males, or they can live in smaller groups or individually. Mature males and females usually live apart except during breeding season.

It is during the breeding season that one might have the best opportunity to hear these big guys bellow. When a female runs through a group of males, the males often respond by bellowing and fighting each other.  While one may think that the loudest bellows impresses the ladies, researchers actually think the low deep rumbling bellow wins the girl every time.

This completed Graphite Drawing is available. Completed size is 12 x 16.

Three Sisters

Arabian horses
Graphite Pencil Artist, Geri Dunn

“Three Sisters” is based off a commission for a friend of mine. My friend has three Arabians. All from the same parents, but different ages.
And, like us humans, all very different personalities.
Faith, Hope & Charity embody the grace and agility the Arabian horse possess, but Faith has a simple will to please. Hope is feisty and yearns to run full speed through the fields. Charity offers the best of both worlds.
It is this

Newest member of Southwestern Premier Artists

Southwestern Premier Artists is an acclaimed group of professional full time artists dedicated to quality original art, fine art events and promotions. The group began with the desire to distinguish ourselves. Recognizing that creating fine art shows built on superior art work would require more than simply gathering a group of professional artists together, we also knew from experience, that proper attitude is crucial to the success of any such endeavor. With more than 50 years of combined experience, the goals of this art club are simple. Southwestern Premier Artists (SPA) aim to promote quality fine art shows, hold the ideals of quality, integrity and individuality, and work with established and emerging artists.  Holding these ideals, our invitational events are nationally acclaimed, attracting artists and collectors from across the country.
Southwestern Premier Artists is an organization dedicated to art, artists, cultural enrichment, and the belief that creative art enriches every life in every community. 

I am excited to be a member of such a highly gifted group of artists. Nothing is more encouraging than surrounding yourself with the very best artists in the industry! For more information about this group, visit their link: http://www.southwesternpremierartists.com/index.html

At Last…Website Finished!

Thank you for everyone who has notified me about my website not working. I have had so many issues with my last web server host that I decided to change.  Unfortunately, that also meant re-designing my entire web site, which took a little time. However, it is now complete and I do have to say it looks better than ever.  Let me know what you think of my new look!