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America’ Horse in Art

Some Call Him Naughty

Wow! As August 16th quickly approaches, and I see the roster of all of the talented artists participating in the American Quarter Horse Museum’s Annual Art Show, I am truly humbled and excited to be a part of something so unique.

I have three pieces submitted, including the drawing above, titled “Some Call Him Naughty”. The opening reception is just a couple of weeks away, beginning on August 16th and should be a ton of fun!

For more information, including all three of my drawings submitted for this show, click on the picture below.



Advice for Young Artists

drawings of actor, Tom Cruise

Parents come up to me frequently, asking me for a word of advice for their child. Believe it or not, thats actually a very difficult question to provide an answer to. My path to where I am today stopped when I turned 18. 

At 18, I loved to draw – and I would draw anything and everything. I borrowed my brothers Surfing magazine and would draw picture after picture from that magazine.

I filled my sketchbooks up with faces, hands, action.  At 18, I turned away from all of it and never looked back.

At 28, I was encouraged by my newly married husband to draw a cover of Tom Cruise from the People magazine. After several denials that I couldn’t draw, I went after it with a fervor I forgot I had.  I loved it! And… it actually came out really good.

It surprised me. And so I did what I had done before I had turned 18. I drew anything I could get my hands on. As I did that, I turned inside of me – into what makes me who I am, and focused on what I really liked about me. What made me the person I am proud to be. And that is the direction that finds me where I am today.

I choose to draw Western Art because it has strong ties to honesty in people, hard-earned struggles for what cowboys/cowgirls earned, integrity in the path chosen by Cowboys & Cowgirls.

So the advice I can give to all young artists – draw from your heart… and do it often. Practice, practice, practice.