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Some Call Him Naughty…

HorseThe best time of year to sit back and have some fun is when the baby horses are out in the pastures.  You could burn hours having a blast just watching the colts and fillies playing with each other, the mamas and anything that moves in the tall grasses.

This is what inspired me to do this drawing. Some called him naughty, ‘cuz he wouldn’t leave everyone alone, but I think he is rather cute!


I Need your Help!

Newest drawing
Newest drawing

This drawing is so new, I don’t even have a name yet. Any ideas? I definitely welcome titles (this is the hardest part for me is naming the drawings after completion).

Every Picture has a story

dreams-of-a-princeTelling the story in graphite, every drawing captures an emotion, a personality or a sentiment that strikes a chord with us, creating a connection to a piece of artwork that will last a lifetime.
“Dreams of a Prince”, my newest print release is one of those drawings that seem to be reaching out to many people with such heartfelt emotion. Let me know what you think…