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Exploring Texas

The Rolling Hills of Clifton, Texas

Today we made the day trip into Clifton, Texas to drop off some artwork for the Bosque Museum show. Exploring the back roads in and out of Clifton it is no wonder that Clifton is becoming a popular tourist destination. Clifton is that rare small town gem which seems to offer a little bit of everything for those wishing to leave the stress of city life for a relaxing, fun-filled time in a nostalgic country setting.

As for entertainment, Clifton has been called one of the “100 best small art towns in America,” and is known throughout the south for is its diverse art colony. Clifton is home to the Bosque Art Center, one of the finest community art complexes in the state. The Art Center boasts an impressive permanent collection of art, a live theater, photography exhibits, a multitude of classes, and special offerings.

For the outdoorsman and hunter in the family, Bosque County offers a multitude of wildlife and game ranches teaming with deer, birds, and exotics. The camper and fisherman need look no further than nearby Meridian Lake, Lake Whitney, or the Bosque and Brazos Rivers.

Clifton is only 30 minutes away from Waco and midway between Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin at the top of the beautiful Texas Hill Country… Just perfect for a day trip!


Dreams Really Do Come True…

Dreams really do come true.

I don’t know how, but when you least expect it, they become reality.

For many of my dearest friends, as well as my family, they have listened to me spout off about my five year plan, as well as the “magical” ten year plan. I have worked the plan, over and over, year after year. Refining, defining and planning. Hoping that one day, whatever it took to make becoming an artist a reality would somehow occur.

Over the 15 years that I have refined my goals, the definition of “becoming an artist” has changed for me. What hasn’t changed is the desire to have someone admire my work so completely, they absolutely wanted my artwork in their home or office. Or to have a gallery owner believe so strongly in my artwork, that they sign me onto their roster of artists.

This desire, or goal, was met just this past week. I am so excited to have gallery representation with Adobe Western Art Gallery out of Fort Worth, Texas. To be on the same walls as some of my fellow artists and friends such as Mark Scantling and Judith Dickinson feels incredible.

It has been a long road, with several speed bumps along the way. But when it happens, those dreams feel like plucking the juiciest peach off of the tree. So wonderfully sweet!

For more information about the location, etc to Adobe Western Art Gallery, follow the link.