Behind the Scenes

Quite often, I recieve comments from people interested in the process of a drawing. Many people understand how a painting comes together, but it seems more fascinating to see a drawing come together from a blank piece of paper, only with the use of a pencil.  For one of my favorite drawings, I took a few progressive pictures of the drawing, Captivated, which was a cattle dog captivated by a floating monarch butterfly.    

To view the story behind this drawing, please view the blog posted on March 8, 2009.

First Picture
First Picture

To the left is the first picture I took of the drawing in progress.  Most of the hard work has already been completed. Several hours were spent in getting the eye, the nose and the mouth correct. After that, it was relatively easy.  Some of the long grass was sketched in so that I could work around the dog. 

2nd Picture
2nd Picture

In creating art using graphite, you can’t draw in white. You have to leave the white, and come back  and fill in the white with the definition and details.  In the second picture, more time and detail is spent on the foreground, laying out the grass so that it doesn’t interfere with the fur of the dog. 

3rd Picture
3rd Picture

In the third picture, the grass is almost completely lightly penciled in.  The underbelly of the dog is being filled in.  More detail is given to the fur, so that the coloring is accurate.  The shadows on the dog are more clearly defined.  Grass is added to the lower section of the drawing. The field is then layed in the background to the right of the dog.  


Next, came the butterfly on the left side of the dog.   Once the butterfly was added, the rest of the daisies were added, and highlights were made to complete the picture.  Then, I went back over the complete picture adding the small details to the drawing.

Final Dog
Final Dog

The 4th picture is the final drawing.

Reference Photo
Reference Photo

The 5th picture is my reference photo.

I really enjoyed doing this drawing, because it came together so quickly and I believe that I captured the expression of the dog very well. As for the butterfly, it moved much to quick for me to get that in this photo. 

And there you have it.  The “Behind the Scenes” of the drawing “Captivated”.  I hope that you enjoyed viewing my progress on this as much as I enjoyed the experience.  Please feel free to post comments on this. 

Come back again, I may just post another drawing in progress…

Thank you again! ~Geri


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