Why Come to an Art Festival?

As an artist, you spend countless hours in your studio. Hours developing the story behind each drawing. Days working endlessly creating the perfect drawing, ensuring even the tiniest of details – the ear hair on the kit fox – is just right.

So when the time comes, and we are out at the local art festival – it truly is a festival. A time to breathe in and enjoy the people who come out to look at all of the artwork. But for me, it’s much more than that.

In my own circle of friends, I can be fun and social. However, even my close friends will admit that I am not the life of the party. It isn’t all about me. I am slightly reserved and shy, letting the spotlight rest on my friends, while I sit on the sidelines and laugh and encourage them to take that spotlight.

When it comes to my artwork, there is an intimacy that I share with the rest of the world. Sharing my artwork exposes me to criticism and applause. Art critiques and Art enthusiasts. But what it has done for me personally is silently improve my ability to believe in my God given talent. I’ve had no formal education within the Arts. It has provided a foundation for me to build my confidence, and allow me to grow and to be able to talk about my artwork.

Most recently, while attending the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson, Texas, I was speaking with an artist friend of mine. We both agreed – the very best thing about participating in Art Festivals is the opportunity to meet and identify with the crowd.

Cottonwood Art Festival

Where else would I get all of the positive feedback, to encourage me to continue drawing? The Art Festivals are an opportunity to connect with individuals and share my story behind each drawing. To see the look of appreciation, amazement and joy as the collector falls in love with my drawing. To have someone leave with one of my drawings in their hands – and have the honor of them hanging my artwork in their homes – to me that feeling is worth all of the long hours in the studio. That feeling doesn’t come from a Gallery, or a Museum Event, or an Opening Artist Reception.

So the next time you have the opportunity to go to an Art Festival – check it out! You never know the impact you might make on someone’s life.



About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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