Somewhere Down the Tracks…

Somewhere Down the TracksSince I can remember, I have loved trains. I love all aspects of the steam trains and how it affected our country. The monumental tasks involved with creating the Transcontinental Railroad was no small feat.

The Chinese that were imported into the United States to work on the Western Section of the Transcontinental Railroad faced huge challenges, and truly accomplished the impossible.
While the Eastern Section of the Transcontinental Railroad faced their own challenges to complete a much larger portion of the railroad, it has been the Western half that always held my interest.

Many historians say the search for gold is the binding force that brought the United States into a country, by settling west of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

While the lure of gold may have spurred the movement for settling into California, Utah, Washington, etc., it was the Transcontinental Railroad that truly united all of our states and made us one country.

A friend of mine posted this picture on her Facebook page, and I am reposting it here. I absolutely love it, because it shows the isolation along the tracks, somewhere across middle America. Moving to an unknown destination somewhere down the tracks, linking one city to another.


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