More Than Just a Gun – The Colt .45 Revolver

Colt 45My newest piece of artwork was inspired by a photo I stumbled upon years ago. After all this time, I’m not even sure who took the photograph. If I did it right, I would be able to incorporate a story into the drawing itself.

The title of my drawing is “The Blacksmith’s Newest Purchase”.

In this drawing, I wanted to show off the blacksmiths tools of the trade with his new purchase, and make it feel like he set it on his workbench, on top of the blacksmith’s anvil to admire his new purchase. The questions come to mind – how long did the Blacksmith save to get his new gun and holster belt? What prompted the purchase…

And in thinking these thoughts while drawing this piece,  it made me wonder about the Colt .45 and how it shaped our history in the West. The Colt 45 remains as one of the most famous weapons ever created, thanks in part to a storied past that dates back to 1872. The Colt 45 is so well known, it has taken on several names (in part due to the .45 Colt caliber and cartridge) over the years, including the Colt Single Action Army, SAA, Model P, Peacemaker and M1873.

Since Samuel Colt founded Colt’s Manufacturing Company in 1836, more than 400 models of Colt firearms have been produced. One of the most popular, the Single Action Army, is associated with the American West and is tied to many historic legends, including George S. Patton, who carried a custom-made SAA with his initials on it. Lawman Wyatt Earp used the SAA, as did gunslinger Doc Holliday and president Theodore Roosevelt. The Colt 45 was designed by William Mason and Charles Brinckerhoff Richards in 1872. Mason was an engineer, inventor and patternmaker; Richards was also an engineer, founder of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and a Yale professor. The Colt 45 was the standard U.S. military service revolver till 1892, and since then it has been used by ranchers, outlaws, lawmen and practically all walks of life. It’s no wonder that the Blacksmith would be proud of his newest purchase.


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