Advice for Young Artists

drawings of actor, Tom Cruise

Parents come up to me frequently, asking me for a word of advice for their child. Believe it or not, thats actually a very difficult question to provide an answer to. My path to where I am today stopped when I turned 18. 

At 18, I loved to draw – and I would draw anything and everything. I borrowed my brothers Surfing magazine and would draw picture after picture from that magazine.

I filled my sketchbooks up with faces, hands, action.  At 18, I turned away from all of it and never looked back.

At 28, I was encouraged by my newly married husband to draw a cover of Tom Cruise from the People magazine. After several denials that I couldn’t draw, I went after it with a fervor I forgot I had.  I loved it! And… it actually came out really good.

It surprised me. And so I did what I had done before I had turned 18. I drew anything I could get my hands on. As I did that, I turned inside of me – into what makes me who I am, and focused on what I really liked about me. What made me the person I am proud to be. And that is the direction that finds me where I am today.

I choose to draw Western Art because it has strong ties to honesty in people, hard-earned struggles for what cowboys/cowgirls earned, integrity in the path chosen by Cowboys & Cowgirls.

So the advice I can give to all young artists – draw from your heart… and do it often. Practice, practice, practice.


About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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