Where have all the Cowboys gone?

ImageTimes change and people get older.

While I know this to be true, what I really see is the difference of generations.

The Cowboy Way – opening up doors for people, showing kindness to others, enjoying the simple things in life. All of these things are common courtesy – and yet they are missing in today’s society.

Is it a failure to teach our children to say thank you (and mean it), to be kind to others (instead of relentlessly ridiculing others), to give back to others (instead of taking it all for yourself).  Has it become so socially unexceptable to punish children, that parents allow anything to go?

This past weekend we were in a restaurant. A child was wandering through the restaurant, visiting with some of the guests at different tables. Apparently his parents were eating within the restaurant. This behavior would have happened once in my family growing up, and we would have all learned the lesson.  

As our society continues to adopt different ideas about raising children, I don’t see how our country can benefit from these ideas. How do we teach our younger generation the values and courtesies we grew up with? Do we put church back in the school? Enforce higher expectations on our teachers at all levels, including college? Ask the media to provide fair and balanced coverage of politics? Hold the media accountable for sensationalizing the horrific crimes that take place at our schools – just for someones 10 minutes of fame?

Chris LeDoux, cowboy songwriter and bareback rodeo champion, had a great outlook on life. Although he achieved mild fame for his popularity, he never let it go to his head. He always gave back to others.  Individually, it seems nearly impossible to change what we see, but as a group of individuals, we can prevent the Cowboy way of life from disappearing in our society.



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