What is a Quick Draw…

If you google Quick Draw, of course, up pops Quick Draw McGraw, but there is another form of Quick Draw.Quick Draw McGraw

If you’ve been to an upscale Art Festival, than you know what I’m talking about. But for those who haven’t experienced this amazing event in person, here’s what it’s all about.
Ready, set, GO!
You have one hour to create an original piece of art that is not only beautiful but it also will be auctioned off fifteen minutes after you finish. Could you do it? The stress is on, and even some of my fellow artists put themselves through the pressure cooker to see if they can pull it off. There are just a few who can challenge themselves to this pressure cooker.

So if you are there at the quick draw, grab a warm cup of hot cocoa and begin to check out the artists as they prep their stations and wait anxiously for the shotgun start that signals the beginning of the quick draw. Each artist can choose their masterpiece idea and medium beforehand; however, they have only one hour to create their artwork. After time is called, they have fifteen minutes to mount and frame their artwork and deliver it to the auction tent. On the auction floor, their artwork is auctioned off to many adorning fans anxiously waiting for their favorite artist’s work.
Some artists worked with previous art they had created and others with a photograph. Other artists use live models. A majority of the artwork was of regional landscapes and animals native to the mountain west that characterize the western art movement.

The hour slips away quite fast – but make several circles around the artists watching the evolving canvases and artwork. The best part of the Quick Draw is to pick a few artists at the beginning and watch closely their creative process. The art changes drastically each time you circle around- which keeps it fascinating to see it unfold. Soon time is called and the artists quickly began framing their art for the live auction.

The trick with the art auction is getting good seats; however, you can sneak over to the tent during the Quick Draw. As soon as everyone settles in, the auction begins. The Quick Draw is an excellent way to see a more in-depth creative process during your favorite Art Festival. In the auction people can buy a painting or sculpture for their house that is not only beautiful but a great conversational piece.

If you’ve read my previous articles, then you know that Carl Seyboldt, an art professor at the University of Oregon, is absolutely incredible, and has mentored me to becoming a much better artist. What truly amazes me is Carl’s ability to remain calm under pressure during the Quick Draws. To watch his amazing talent in action, watch the video of him performing at an Arts Festival in Oregon. Not nearly as calm under pressure, I will be performing a quick draw this Memorial Day in Prescott, AZ at the 39th Phippen Western Art Festival.



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