Rhinestone Cowboy

What song do you hear that takes you back, in an instant, to a fond memory?

For me, one of those songs is Rhinestone Cowboy, by Glen Campbell. Of course, it was one of my mom’s favorites, so if it came on the radio while we were in her car, she would turn it up a little bit louder.

The instant I remember most is while I was still quite young, and still living in Lawndale, CA. My older brother, John, along with my two younger brothers, Tom & Lloyd, were in my mom’s car, nicknamed Jezebel, the reliable white horse (or station wagon) that carted us to all of our sporting & school events. My mom was driving and my Grandma was in the co-pilots seat. The song came on the radio, and we were all singing the song with Glen Campbell.

When I think of family, this memory comes back to me so quickly. For in that instance, we were all singing together as one. Certainly I can recall other moments that defined family, but this moment is a cherished memory.



About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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