Why I Love the Artwork of Frank McCarthy

Pony Express by Frank McCarthyFrank McCarthy’s artwork captures the heart and soul of the Wild West. His drawings tell a story, and frankly – no pun intended, it doesn’t take much imagination to throw you deep into the picture/story/drawing.

No matter the subject, you can taste the dirt on your tongue, feel the bitter cold of the season, or sense the impending battle yet to come.

His clouds and sky are at times menacing and powerful, or peaceful and tame.

The native Indians in his paintings are at times wild and ferocious, at times curious and serene.

His cowboy paintings achieve the same sense of impending danger or playfulness that all entwine to develop the story within the painting.

Searching for Footprints by Frank McCarthy

While not all of my artwork tells a story, this is where I hope to evolve and grow as an artist.

Frank McCarthy, and many artists of his time, came from the background as a graphic artist; painting for movie posters, or for other such advertisements.

To be a truly great artist today, your artwork must include the ability to tell a story within each drawing.

A drawing of a portrait is nice, and definitely has its place within a person’s home, but to be able to stand next to such a drawing and be captivated by the story within the painting.. that is something to truly be admired!

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