It isn’t a black and white drawing…

I mean, of course its a black and white drawing, with different shades of gray.


But when you look at this drawing… is it really black and white? I once met someone who emphatically stated “she couldn’t understand why I would waste my time with black and white. What a shame you couldn’t paint the cowboy starting the fire.”

After first hiding my shock, I asked her if she couldn’t see the yellow slicker the cowboy was wearing… could she not see the dark green shadows of the trees in the background… and could you not see the billowing gray smoke coming from the makings of a fire?

She admitted that those colors were not something she could make out. I showed her a piece of artwork of a friend of mine. She is a lovely person, and I respect that she sells her artwork. But truthfully, its not what I enjoy. She paints purple cactuses, pink cows and other boldly-colored canvases. The girl immediately came to life, and I could tell she instantly loved my friends work.

I am amazed that some people are not able to let their imagination run wild and visualize with their minds eyes the colors within a graphite drawing. I urge you to take a look, and let your imagination run wild… see what you can without the urging of the artist to paint purple cactus and pink cows.


About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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