The Secret

The Secret is a glimpse into my soul…

Nurturing Your Soul

Quite often I get asked what motivates me to draw this or that… Most often, my drawings are inspired by images of my hometown and how they emotionally connect us to nature. This drawing is more to me than just capturing an image on paper. To me, “The Secret” is about a bond of Mother and Daughter. While some may claim that animals can’t feel, I strongly believe that all animals feel and communicate.  Not only do animals communicate something to each other, but sometimes, if we are listening, they communicate to us. When naming this drawing, some suggested calling it the Horse Whisperer. Even though the pun would be well-intended, I think the title strongly suggests something that if we listen, we can hear the secret.

Horses release in us the ability to dream for something big. How often do you catch a young girl in love with her horse? How often do adults sink their fortune into raising horses or purchasing a large chunck of land so they can own a few horses?

“The Secret” is about nurturing ourselves as well as a mare nurturing its offspring. As spring fades into summer, how do we nurture ourselves? Do we take time and enjoy our life… nurture our offspring and our loved ones… or do we keep our nose to the grindstone?


About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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