Hot Air Balloons in Cave Creek, Arizona

Cave Creek, AZIts 6:30 as I departed from Cave Creek, Arizona Sunday night on March 6th, 2011.  After having packed up the truck from a wonderful day at the Art Show in Cave Creek, it was time to head the truck for home and make some tracks. According to my GPS, I would arrive home at 3:00 in the morning, and that was if I was lucky.

Normally, there would be nothing to talk about with the fact that I would be arriving at home when normally I would be sound asleep in my nice warm bed. However, on my way home, the skies were filled with a surprising sight of hot air balloons. Not just one… because I’ve seen that. But several… and after a quick count it tallied 11 hot air balloons.

Unfortunately, by the time I pulled my truck over and dug my camera out of the truck, some of the hot air balloons had landed, so the photos that I did get are not nearly as wonderful as what I had seen, but here they are just the same…




About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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