Black and White

Few American artists have enjoyed more widespread popularity while alive than Ansel Adams.  Ansel Adams was a pioneer in his day, some say a visionary photographer and an environmental crusader. 

The photographs that Adams took stand as a reminder of  “the continuous beauty of the things that are.” How can one look at the awe-inspiring photographs of Yosemite National Park and not appreciate the absolute beauty inspired by his photography?

As I make my travels with my portable art gallery, my Graphite drawings seem to strike a chord with people. They seem amazed and awestruck over my drawings… granted, they are not nearly as wonderful as Ansel Adam’s photographs.

And yet, color is the mainstay in today’s society. Both in art and in photography. As magnificent as Ansel Adam’s photography is, would he have the following and respect of today’s society if he captured those same wonderful images in color?  Would his images have made the same impact?

Black & White or Color?

Above is a photo of Half Dome, on top; monochrome, on bottom; color. Which one makes a bigger impact? Are they both as wonderful and amazing? It’s difficult to say…

Personally, I love images in monochrome. With black and white images, whether it be photographs or artwork, the images come alive. Details are not lost on the viewer. You see the green blades of grass, the brilliant blue sky and all of the other colors within the picture or drawing. My imagination comes alive as my brain and eyes work together to fill in all the details.

Unquestioningly, Ansel Adams was a man for whom life and art were inextricably connected with photography and wilderness.  I hope to achieve a balance with my artwork where it takes away your breath, and you take a minute to stop and stare.


About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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