What is an Enhanced Giclee?

What is an Enhanced Giclée (zhee-klay)?

Enhanced Giclée Fine Art Reproductions are rapidly gaining popularity as an exciting and economical alternative to original drawings, affording many art collectors who cannot afford the original of a particular artist the opportunity to own a high quality reproduction for a fraction of the cost.

A giclée starts with a high resolution digital scan of the original artwork, accurately capturing the color, saturation, and contrast of the original. Then the image is printed on hand-picked canvas matte material by a special inkjet printer that sprays microscopic droplets of archival quality ink at millions of droplets per second. And instead of using 4 or 6 colors like your desktop inkjet printers, these high-end wide format printers use 12 colors to more accurately reproduce the original colors in the artwork. And a special UV resistant coating is applied to the canvas to help resist fading.

After the canvas is allowed to dry, the artist enhances and embellishes the image with genuine graphite, creating a “semi original” artwork with the look and feel of an original graphite drawing. Each enhanced drawing is done one at a time, so no two enhanced images are ever exactly identical.  After completion, Geri then hand signs your giclee in acid-free ink, in the image and will inscribe any personal message you may request.  Enhanced giclée’s can be framed like an original drawing, often with a canvas liner to accent the rich contrasts of black, gray and white.

Because giclées are made one at a time, editions are produced in small quantities and each giclée has its own unique characteristics.  Each giclée comes with a fully documented Certificate of Authenticity by the Artist (me 🙂 ).

Even though your giclée is printed with archival inks, as with any art work, it’s always a good idea to keep your print away from direct sunlight or prolonged exposure to fluorescent lighting.

For more questions regarding giclée, please email me @ geri@geridunn.com. I welcome all of your questions.


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