Watching a Quick Draw come to Life

I just stumbled upon a video of one of my fellow artists who I met my first year participating in the Death Valley Invitational Art Show, 4 years ago.  Earlier I posted a photograph of Carl Seyboldt on Sunday, during the “Breakfast with the Artists”. 

For those that went to the Death Valley Art Show this year, many saw my most fearful and most triumphant moment of all. I actually participated in the quick draw event.

For those that are unaware of the rules of the event, you must start with a blank canvas, and have a finished piece of artwork within 45 minutes.  Then, they give you a few minutes to frame the artwork, so that it can be auctioned off.  Guests can wander through while you are working and see your progress from start to finish.

For my first quick draw, I captured a white kitten, innocent with big blue eyes wandering in the flower bed, trying his hardest to be elusive of my camera. When the camera popped up next to the flower he was stalking, his eyes became large, and click click I caught the moment.

Follow the link to see the progress of Carl Seyboldt’s artwork. This guy is incredible!!! This was taken at an art show in Puyallup, WA called the Western Heritage Art Show.  What an incredible drawing from start to finish!!!


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2 Responses to Watching a Quick Draw come to Life

  1. Karen says:

    great website, just thought to let yoj know that the website looks broken on IE for mobile Brow ser

  2. Geri Dunn says:

    Hi Karen,
    You were absolutely right. I believe I have fixed it. Thank you for the heads up!!! I appreciate it!

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