Getting Started

I just got back from the Invitational Art Show in Death Valley.  While I was there, someone asked me. “What does it take to go from casual artist to full time artist?”

Without really knowing where I was going in the conversation, I sort of described my “5 year plan”.  Anyone who has followed my work and seen me progress knows all about my 5 year plan, because this year was the end of my 5 year plan.  Staying on track was the hardest part.  I like having things happen quickly enough that I can see tangible objects. (This is obviously not such a good thing when it comes to gardening. Many of my vegetables never quite make it because of my anxiousness to see progress.)

One of the ways to stay on track that was suggested to me was to make goals and deadlines that are checked and acted upon monthly.  Being able to cross things off of the list, or add notes to the list makes it easy to stay on track.

Having an art marketing person in your corner can help you also.  If you haven’t yet visited the best art marketing guru I know, try visiting Alyson.  She has tons of information to help you get back on track!!!

Also, check out this link. My brother is a business promoter, and he has worked with so many small companies starting out!

Finally, commit to enjoying the experience. With a positive can-do attitude, things will start falling into place.




About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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