Arabian Eyes

Arabian Eye

Arabian Eye

While working on a piece of art that later became titled “Aragon” I took a picture of the finished eye.  When working on a drawing, I always start with the eye.  If you think about it, it seems to make sense.  If I can’t get the eye to look right, it really doesn’t matter how well the rest of the drawing is.  Below is the finished piece.   

Interestingly enough, most people fail to understand how difficult it is to draw a white horse.  But think about what few tools I have to create my artwork.  Paper, Pencil, and Eraser.

Paper is simple enough, but it has to have archival quality. It also has to have some “meat” to the paper, so that the graphite from the pencils will stick. 

Pencils are easy too.  But even with that, there are some pencils that are my favorites. 

Erasers sound simple enough, but that’s where you can go wrong real quick. The wrong eraser can chew up the paper really quickly. The wrong eraser can lay a glaze on the graphite, making it difficult to work on top of the graphite, and create layers of graphite. The wrong eraser may not even erase the graphite at all.  With all of that said, you can’t go in and erase and erase until you get a white horse. You have to keep the paper clean, and make definitions in and around the horse, and add shape to make the white horse come alive. 



Here is the link for the recently posted story behind Aragon. Enjoy!!!


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  1. kseverny says:

    it worked well, nice

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