Over the Ridgeline

About 3 years ago, I undertook a huge project. I had this thought that I always wanted to do a drawing of buffalo stampeding. This image ran through my mind so often, that I finally found a picture of 3 buffalo running.  The picture was ideal, because it wasn’t too dark. That’s a huge drawback when working with black and white images. If it’s too dark, then everything becomes black.   That drawing took forever!!!! and when it was done, it came out great.  And I thought, “Great, I got buffalo out of my system.” 

Then one day while I was waiting for my car to get serviced, I began a little scribble/doodle which turned out to be a buffalo profile.  And that came out ok also. Once I sold the doodle, I then was sad to think that I never gave myself over to just one buffalo completely. If I did one buffalo, I wanted it to be a powerful, majestic drawing of the buffalo, reminiscent of Frank McCarthy’s style, only done my way, in black and white.

So I went to take a picture of a buffalo at a local ranch. Once I got the angle I wanted, everything seemed to come out quickly.  I am incredibly pleased with the way it came out.  Hope you enjoy it! Your comments are definitely appreciated, so please feel free to leave any. 🙂

Over the Ridgeline

Over the Ridgeline


About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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