Upcoming Event

I am so excited about my upcoming show this weekend, July 11-12th in Oxnard, California at the Channel Islands Art Show.  For those in the area, please stop by and see my artwork in progress.  I always draw while I am at the show, and this weekend will be drawing a beach scene of pelicans. 

Me and my Dog

Me and my Dog

Here’s a picture of me at my last show, with my dog Alex. Thank you for everyone that took the time out of their busy lives to come and see me! I truly appreciate it!!!


About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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2 Responses to Upcoming Event

  1. Gwen Revino says:

    Good luck at the show. Sounds like fun.

  2. Geri Dunn says:

    Thank you Gwen. It was fun. The weather in Oxnard was fantastic!

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