Pictures from our Road Trip!!!

I can’t believe that it’s already been a week since we have been back from our road trip!  We went through the northern Arizona/New Mexico area, exploring the Sunset Crater, Monument Valley, Four Corners (standing in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona all at the same time!) , and the most amazing place ever, Canyon de Chelly.

The weather wasn’t ideal, with rain off and on from Friday thru Sunday morning, but at least it wasn’t hot.  It did make for some fantastic photo opportunities.  I am so glad that we were able to take a break and visit this area… it was absolutely amazing!

Entering Monument Valley

Entering Monument Valley

I thought this turned out so great!!! Not as vivid and colorful as some of the other photos I have seen, but still powerful!  I loved the fact that you could actually drive into the Valley and take your time driving throughout the area.  They also had caravan trucks for those that didn’t want to drive their own vehicles.  Probably a good idea with all of the rain that we experienced!Monument Valley
What interesting colors from my lizard friend!

What interesting colors from my lizard friend!

This little lizard was fast! He didn’t scamper, like most lizards but seemed to fly.
Just off the beaten path...

Just off the beaten path...

We stopped to check out the “dinosaur tracks” embedded into the ground. Not sure if this was the real thing or not. Along the way, we picked up an Indian guide who was going to show us all of the “really cool tracks”, which included some dinosaur bones.  If you look in the middle of the picture, filled with water are the tracks of a dinosaur.
Late Afternoon View from the South Rim of Canyon de Chelly

Late Afternoon View from the South Rim of Canyon de Chelly

We arrived mid-afternoon and went to view the South Rim.  We didn’t know that we weren’t suppose to go off hiking without an adventure guide, so we got down to the broken rope ladder area, before we decided to go back to find a guide.  The next day, we hiked in to see the White House ruins, which we got close enough to see the pectographs on the wall.  Truly an amazing area!
Check out my gallery of photos…I think you can double-click on them to enlarge.  Enjoy!

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