Cheyenne Depot, circa 1929

Cheyenne Depot

Cheyenne Depot

This drawing was a commission for my friend Kevin Jackson.   When he was young, he worked in one of the front offices overlooking downtown.  He was employed for Union Pacific for several years, until Union Pacific closed down.  The depot sat unoccupied for years, until it was given to the city of Cheyenne, to be turned into a museum.

A family friend of Kevin’s had a storage facility with tons of old items that had been stored for years and years. The key to the storage facility was handed down until there was no one left to hand the key down to. And so the key was given to Kevin.  In the storage facility he found old glass negatives of old photos from a photographer who worked for Life magazine. Out of one of those glass negatives came this wonderful photo.  He asked for me to draw him the depot based upon the photograph. 

Although I am horrible at drafting and architecture, I found it a wonderful challenge.  And I think it came out pretty good.  I love the old cars but the sky was quite fantastic!


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