Digging in the Archives

The Duke

The Duke

Today’s post is coming directly from my archives.  I am literally pulling off of my old remnant of a computer that stores all my old stuff.  This is an original that we still own today, and dates back to the time I started taking my art seriously. 

For those that don’t know how I got started drawing, its actually a cute little story. For personal reasons, I stopped drawing immediately after high school.  Ten years later, I met my soon-to-be husband.  When we got married, we moved into the tiniest little one bedroom apartment I have ever seen.  The front room doubled as a kitchen, family room, dining room, living room and entertainment center. The bedroom was big enough for a full size bed, and that was it!  My husband Mark switched careers, and started working in the construction field.  That would have been fine, but it was El Nino season (thats the once in every 7 year event where massive rain occurs as a natural phenomenon). California experienced so much rain, that it took months to dry out the ground!   Suffice it to say, my husband didn’t work much, and on the weekends, there was no place to go but to stay inside and stay dry.  I quickly was getting on his nerves.  He asked me to draw him a picture of the Duke (aka John Wayne to you young whippersnappers!).  And the rest is history.  Once I picked up my pencils, everything came rushing back at me, and I was more in love with drawing than ever before.  Even better is that we are still married!

This is the second drawing that I did for him.  The first one was the Duke posing as a cowboy, his natural character.  I think this one came out pretty good.  I especially like the fur around the top of the jacket.


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