Playing Tag with the Best

I just got tagged by Connie Williams, one of the very best watercolor artists I have ever seen. 

The rules of the game go like this:
1. Put a link in your post about the artist that tagged you.
2. Write 5-7 unusual things about yourself.
3. Tag 5-7 other bloggers and let them know they have been given a blog award.

Answer to Rule #1… As I mentioned, Connie is an extremely gifted watercolor artist.  Her pictures don’t even do her work justice.  Please see for yourself by visiting her blog:

Answer to Rule #2…

  • A.  I am a tomboy at heart, and love almost every outdoor activity, as long as I don’t crash, fall or walk away bleeding. (I think I’ve done enough of that)
  • B.   I crashed my mountain bike one day going over 41 mph when my brake cable snapped! Hello road rash.
  • C.   I married my very best friend, going on 12 years of marriage.
  • D.   Tipping cows late at night is best performed with friends.
  • E.   I really enjoyed living in North Dallas for a year, but WHAT a culture shock it was for this little country girl!!! (they really do have Piggly Wiggly grocery stores. I thought it was only a Jeff Foxworthy joke)

Rule #3… This is hard because I am shell-shocked that I was chosen to begin with.  For now, I can only choose one artist, but I will add more as I think of them.  Check out Gwen Revino’s artwork!! I met Gwen at a marketing seminar that was put on by Alyson B Stanfield. { } (She taught me so much about marketing that I really have to thank her) In conjunction with learning new marketing skills, I also made friends with some of the very best artists in Northern California.  Please check out Gwen’s work, and see what you think.  Here is the link for Gwen –>


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One Response to Playing Tag with the Best

  1. Geri, the pleasure is all mine. You’re wonderful to work with! And a big OUCH on that mountain bike crash. This is why I have a cruiser.

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