Hiding in the Rocks

So today I thought I would show you one of my sketches. It’s a small thing, no more than 4 x 6 or so… but this is just something I was doing to pass the time.  Its a sketch of a Desert Bighorn Sheep.  Last year about this time, we went to Anza-Borrego Springs area.  I went horseback riding and then went with my husband for a hike.  The visitor’s center said that some hikers has spotted the sheep just a short while ago, so our chances for spotting the sheep would be easy enough.  They weren’t wrong. We spotted a small family of them not more than 200 feet away, eating near the creek, which was running.  I’m not sure of the trail name, but it was wonderful! I think the hike took us maybe 30 minutes or so back into a palm grove of trees.  Although the weather was warm, the shade was fantastic, and a breeze came out of nowhere, and made the hike completely worth while. 

Hiding in the Rocks

Hiding in the Rocks

From what I remember from the visitor’s center, Anza-Borrego Desert National Park is one of the largest in the U.S.  The park was named after Juan Batista de Anza, a Spanish explorer, who also named the sheep in the area the Borrego Sheep, meaning “big horn.”

In the past, we have also seen roadrunners, a golden eagle and of course mule deer. Supposedly kit foxes, iguanas, chuckwallas, and a red-diamond rattlesnake exist in this area, but that I haven’t seen.  

If you ever get into the area, which is near San Diego, CA don’t miss the opportunity to visit…the area is especially beautiful when all of the wildflowers are out.


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  1. Nice sketch! The natural history information you share is always so interesting. Love your work and your blog!

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