All in the Eye

All in the Eye

All in the Eye

You never know how someone will react until you look into their eye. And you don’t really know a horse unless you look in their eye either.  With all of the talk of the “Horse Whisperer” and new training methods, some may not believe in what I am saying. No offense meant.

However, for those of you who have held your horses head in your hands and shared a secret with them, you know what I mean.  From looking directly in the eye of your horse, you can probably tell what kind of ride you will have, etc. etc.   It is with that thought in mind that I share with you this drawing, “All in the Eye”.

p.s. Thanks to Shaliko (the paint horse) for standing still long enough for me to get the reference photo.


About Geri Dunn

Western Graphite Artist
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2 Responses to All in the Eye

  1. Nice job on this Overo Paint’s eye! It’s such fun to follow your blog and I’m always excited to see a new post. Your work is just lovely!

  2. Geri Dunn says:

    Thank you Connie! I also enjoy your artwork. 🙂

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