Running in Open Pastures


Running in Open Pastures

Running in Open Pastures

The story for this drawing takes place in my own back yard, which isn’t surprising really. Most of my inspirations for drawings usually happen that way. For those that have never visited the Santa Ynez Valley, it is a wonderful area  to raise children, horses and cattle .

The “Elvenwood Trio” run in the front pasture where I live, and so I am always aware of their silliness. One windy afternoon, the trio decided to run as fast as they could through the pasture.  The lead horse is a beautiful mare named Princess, who will be giving birth in early summer. Since her pregnancy, the two boys have been relentless about protecting her. They won’t let her go anywhere!  Even the rescued mustang that flanks Princess, a fairly shy horse, has decided that it is now his responsibility to protect her.   I just wonder how he will react with a newborn in the pasture. Only time will tell, but I can’t wait to find out.



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One Response to Running in Open Pastures

  1. Geri, This is just lovely. Princess is gorgeous, and her bodyguards are full of personality. I can’t wait to see the baby…..

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